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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Screenshots Galore!

Here are some shots of the current version of GBW. 

I say current, because it IS changing EVERY DAY. 

Here's the "Home" page:

The "Plot Map", which is a visual guide to the grow room.  On the top row is where we see data from "Non-Soil Moisture" type sensors, like temperature and humidity. You can see I even have a temperature probe outside...  The "Dining Room" is where my development board is located, so it's not actual grow room data...

The bottom section shows the actual plants locations along with info about the soil moisture. Ignore the fact that all the bars are red, this is because I recently reset everything, more on this some other time... On the left are the "plots" in the veg tent, on the right, "plots" in the flower room...

You can click on one of the "plots" above, and get the following screens which show "historical" sensor readings. The default is over the past week, but you can view just 1 day (last 24 hours) or the past month!  The green and red shading show when the readings are withing "targets" which you set for each sensor.

The first one is for a DHT22 Temperature and Humidity sensor.

The next is for the Soil Moisture sensor in a plant. Notice you can see when the plant was watered.

You can list all your plants, past and present.

and drill down to one plant. Here we have a nice calendar showing the life cycle of the plant.

You can also list the "modules".

and even configure them

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