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Monday, May 13, 2019

A new way of looking at things...

I've been a long time user of threaded message forums, and find them to be perfect for their ability to let you easily pick up anywhere you left off, and read items in the order they were written.

Their weakness however, unless you create many threads, it can be hard to find specific information, such as, how did you do this? It can be spread out over many posts, each on a different topic.

This last point is one of the strengths of a blog like this site, I can create pages dedicated to each aspect of the project, plus I can continue my ongoing rambling posts where you can read them, or not, but all the real information will still be at your fingertips.

The transition will take some time I'm sure as I learn a little more about this site.  If you have any comment, or suggestions about the site, please let me know.


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