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Sunday, May 26, 2019

WiFi and MySql login info - Implementation

I decided to go with the simplest method I could come up with...

This is how I am implementing configuration on a standalone ESP-01 module.

When the module boots, every time it boots, it will wait 10 seconds during which you may enter a c or C via the Serial monitor. If you do not, then it continues to boot as it always did.

If you hit c (or C) to enter configuration mode, you will see this:

If there are no credentials set, then it will automatically go to this screen...

I added the database instance name to the configuration since it is currently hardcoded into all my sql statements.  That's gonna be a lot of work fixing that!

So now I have the menu displaying, I haven't actually written any code yet to parse input, save data, read data, etc...  Lots to do, but at least I know how I'm going to do it now...

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