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Sunday, May 26, 2019

WiFi and MySql login info - Revised Plan

If you read my last post, you know that currently, the Wifi and MySql credentials are hardcoded in the software. I want to make it so they can be reconfigured without installing new software, and also, configurable at first startup, when no WiFi will be available, because there are no credentials...

In my last post, I was thinking a button to put the device into config mode, and it would create an Access Point allowing you to join that network on your smartphone, and using a web browser, set the credentials as required.

That's a lot of work, not only setting up the software to do this, but also getting a useable button on the ESP-01 is not straightforward.

So, new idea...

One of my other hobbies is R/C stuff, and I was working on an OSD (On Screen Display) module for an FPV (First Person View) R/C car. I needed a way to easily configure it, and ended up using the Serial output, AND input.  Basically output a menu to the serial port, and get the input from the serial port.

This solution requires having the device plugged into a computer to access the Serial port, but requires NO hardware changes (button) and VERY LITTLE in the way of software changes...

As for where to store the configuration, I think EEPROM will be easiest. Another option might be SPIFFS, but again, more work...

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