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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Arduino Firmware Updates on remote computer...

In order to update the Arduino code via USB on the remote computer, I've created GBW_RemoteServer.exe, a console app written in C# which is an RPC Server, and when it boots up, it gets its local IP address, updates a table in the database with it's IP Address and then sets up the listener on the machine, and waits for a command from the main program telling it to run avrdude with the parameters required to update a specific module...


Got the server working up to the point of waiting for a command from the main windows program running on another computer (see previous post)

It will be simple for now, no security (my network is not exposed) and a simple command with a moduleId, which will be used to look up the full command line for avrdude to upload the proper file to the proper module, on the proper com port. Once it's functioning, then I'll add some simple security, and maybe more functionality...

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