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Thursday, June 27, 2019

GBW Serial Terminal - Update #4

Wow, this was meant to be a simple terminal program to follow along with the serial output of the modules....

Well, it's just a tad more...

The latest feature is the addition of the two buttons in the bottom section of the screen, as well as a few cosmetic changes down there...

One thing I liked about using the terminal built in to either the Arduino IDE or the Visual Micro addon for VS2017 is that when I elect to upload, the terminal closes the com port automatically, and reopens it once the upload is finished. Now, with this terminal, I keep leaving it connected, and trying to upload, then have to go find the right copy of the terminal, disconnect, blah, blah...  too much work...  By building the update into the terminal, once I finish, it will handle that automatically :)

When it connects with a module, the module sends it's module Id, and the terminal looks it up in the database, and determines if the module is configured to allow OTA updates (if it is an ESP8266) or USB updates via a COM Port (ESP8266, Mega 2560, Pro/Mini, etc). If the module is not configured to allow these updates, then the buttons will be grayed out and will not do anything.

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  1. Uploading to the ESP8266 uses a python program called which I will call, passing the proper command line parameters. As I play with this, figuring out how it works, and what the options do, I noticed I can query the device for the MAC address. This could be useful, I can use the MAC address to verify that the proper firmware is about to be uploaded... Anyhow, more tinkering...


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