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Monday, June 17, 2019

Monitoring Serial output from all these arduino's

In the grow room I have 4 Arduinos hooked up through a USB hub to a laptop. I can remote desktop to that laptop from my workstation, and run the Arduino IDE to monitor the serial output of any of those 4 modules. In fact, I can load 4 copies of the IDE and monitor all 4 modules at the same time...

Now that I'm programming Windows again, I decided to write my own terminal program to monitor the output...  It's very simple, all it does is open the serial port and anything it receives, it prints out... Other than grabbing the Com Port, Baud Rate, and DtrEnable flag from the command line, that's all there is to it.

I'll have to add the ability to type into it so I can set up credentials, but that should be pretty simple.

Now, the beauty is I can take this code, add it to the RPC Server which runs on the laptop in the grow room, and it can send the serial output back to the Desktop App, how cool is that :)

I can also add color so certain items stand out... maybe even cursor positioning.. I love having so many choices :)

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