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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Update: Arduino Firmware Updates on remote computer...

On the left, the main windows program for updating firmware on the modules...  The right, is the server running on the laptop in the growroom.

That laptop has a USB hub attached, and all modules in the grow room are plugged into it. This includes

Sensor Module #1
Sensor Module #2
Switch Module
Auto Water Module

I'll be able to click a button on my main windows machine (dev laptop), and it will do an RPC (Remote Procedure Call) to the laptop in the grow room and call avrdude to update the module with the right parameters...

At this point, you can see that the main program does in fact call the server and passes it the info on which module to update. It is hardcoded for module #1 right now, but it does actually run the batch file which in turn runs avrdude, and it DOES UPDATE the arduino!

This is a game changer for me...  I can attach any arduino to any computer on my network, and remotely maintain the software on them. I'm sure once I've thought about it, I'll find lots of other things I can do too...

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