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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

OTA Updates made even easier...

I do OTA updates on my ESP8266 units in the grow room, and currently do so using my browser. This entails going to the right URL, picking a file to upload, then clicking the button...  That's pretty simple, but it means having to pay attention to which module you are updating, and getting the right bin file to upload, since they are all in different folders, you generally need to go to another folder to find the right file.

If you end up installing the wrong code, you simply reinstall the correct code, no harm done...

To make this process even easier, I'm writing a Windows desktop application in c# which will, at the push of a button, upload the correct file to the correct module. 

I have a console app right now that does the update, this is my Proof of Concept, and now I'll spend some time trying to remember C# (I used it for years when I was working) and create a simple form with buttons for each module, which call code to update the module with the correct software...

I expect I should have something functional tomorrow to post screen shots.

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