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Saturday, June 22, 2019

The Misting of the Clones - A Solid Platform

Here's the last post on this project:

Here's a link to the DIY Page for this project. (Updated with these additions)

Because the servo is fairly heavy, this whole thing just tips over unless it's full of water. I'm also a little worried about how long the water will last in the bottle, probably a while, but, I decided to extend the "pickup tube" through a hole in the side of the bottle. This will allow me to put the other end in a larger reservoir of water. This also allowed me to drill a hole in the bottom of the bottle and screw the whole thing onto a block of wood which will hold everything in place.

1 comment:

  1. Just completed my first actual use of this device to root some cuttings. I took 18 cuttings on July 14. I kept the temp about 28-30c and the humidity at 100% and gave 5 spritzes every 30 minutes with the mister... For the first couple days, it was 5 spritzes every 5 minutes... It is set to a very fine mist...

    On day 10, I removed 2 nearly dead cuttings, they were outside the reach of the mist I suspect. I also planted 9 clones that had roots showing. This is the first time I removed the humidity dome to check them out...

    On day 14, the rest of the cuttings had roots showing, so I planted them...

    So, in 14 days, I only checked on them twice really, and 16/18 rooted successfully, that's 89%, not bad for not even looking in on them, so no maintenance whatsoever... just make sure the water jug stays filled, or is big enough to last...


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