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Friday, June 7, 2019

Updates to updates on the updater...

This firmware updater is amazing, it will save me so much time, and I never have to worry about uploading the wrong software to a module.

I managed to get it to spit back the output from avrdude.exe to the Windows Client, line by line, in real time. Originally it would send it as a large string AFTER it actually completed. This left a huge lag where you had no idea if it was doing anything...  Now, as soon as you click the button, you see some output from the other computer...

If life was all rosey I suppose I'd be done, however, there's a problem (isn't there always?)...

It's a little flakey....  On the client side, after a few loops (requests for updates) it seems to want a keypress to continue...  Now, there is a spot that checks to see if a key has been pressed, and if so, reads it. If it's an ESC key, then the program closes the network connection and quits... There is nowhere in the code that it would block, waiting for a keypress...  I've had a really quick look for the problem, but I'll have to spend some time on this one, either that, or perhaps I'll just stumble across the answer :)

The buttons have been moved to the left side, this way I can fit up to 21 buttons, actually, they already exists, but are hidden unless I need them. When this program loads, it checks the tbl_modules table in the database to see which modules support OTA updates, and which have batch files set up for firmware updates. So the buttons are dynamic, you can modify their behavior in the database.

I suspect in the future, I may want to allow it to contact multiple RPC servers so it could update modules on different remote computers...

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