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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Watering Time predictions...

Since the system is not yet doing the automatic watering, it just notifies me when a plant needs to be watered. Auto Watering is just waiting on funds for the rest of the pumps etc...

The issue I had with the notifications was while I'm working away, usually in the middle of the night, when, coincidentally, the lights are out in the flower tent, it would remind me every 30 minutes to water the plant... Well, I can't, it's lights out time...   So, for each "location" (Clone, Veg, Flower) I added a flag for "restrictedAccess"  and a start and end time, soif the lights are off, it won't send me the reminder... but as soon as the lights come on, it starts again :)  Great feature...

Anyhow, to get back on topic here, I'm thinking that rather than waiting for a notification to pop up, I think I can actually predict an ETA until it's time to water...

Since I'm logging sensor readings every x minutes (every 15 minutes right now) and I know the current sensor reading, and the reading which will trigger the watering notice, I can deduce how many "units" are left until watering is triggered..

Current Sensor Reading:  224
AutoWater Trigger Reading: 200

So we have 24 to go until it triggers the watering notice.

If our log, going back in steps of 15 minutes, looks like this:

Now: 224
-15 min: 227
-30 min: 230
-45 min: 235
-60 min: 239
-75 min: 243
-90 min: 248
-115 min: 253

We can see that the current reading (224) PLUS 24 = 248 - this puts us exactly in the middle right now, so the time since it was 248 should be the same as the time it will take to go the rest of the way to the trigger value...  We can see it was 248 an hour and a half ago (90 minutes)

So, we can safely estimate this plant will need to be watered in 90 minutes...

That will scale up, so we will be able to determine how many days it will be, not just minutes...

Want to know if you can go away for two days? Grow By Wire just might be able to tell you :)

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