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Friday, July 5, 2019

GBW Serial Terminal - Update #6

Seems I can't just leave this alone...

Two new features here today.

First, the modules all synchronize their clocks with the MySql Server, which is synchronised with all the other computers on the network. So my development machine will have the same time within a second or so of any of the modules...

The first new feature is an upgrade to an old one. The terminal has been displaying the clock time of the module it is connected to, the idea was that you could compare it to the current time, and you'd know that it was still alive.  Then I found a way to be even lazier...  The Terminal can monitor the time that the module sends, compare it against the computers clock, and if they are more than a minute apart, the text turns from DarkGreen to OrangeRed, and more than 5 minutes, white on a red background, you can't miss it, even across the room...

Hmm, perhaps an audible warning too? I'll throw that on the todo list.... :)

The next new feature, 5 status lines...  These are lines on the display (Just under the RSSI) that each module can use for anything it wants. There are 5 lines available, and using a {{STATUSLINE:1}} tag it can write whatever follows, up to end of line, to Status Line 1.  In the screen shot below, the Sensor Module is updating Status Line 1 with the total number of sensor readings taken, the number successfully written to the database, and the number that failed...  These numbers are maintained by the module itself, updated when it wants, and in this case, they are updated after every sensor scan, and reset when the module is reset, so this status line will give me a good idea how things are running...

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