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Thursday, July 18, 2019

GBW Serial Terminal - Update #7

I don't know why, but I just keep coming up with new ideas for the terminal program...

As you would expect, it lets you follow the Serial output of a module when it is hooked up to a USB port on a computer. This is very useful so you can follow along with what the module is doing.  I also have a debug log table in the database, a table which I've been using as a general debugging tool, I can write to it, and even if the module is not on a usb port, I can follow along in the database. The Serial output and the database log are two separate streams of data.

So, today's new feature for the terminal, the ability to follow the debug log from the database while viewing the Serial output.  The Debug log view is refreshed every 5 seconds, so it's pretty well real time.

Checking the checkbox "Tail debug table" while connected to a module will open the bottom panel, and refresh it every 5 seconds with the 10 most recent entries from the debug log table.  Unchecking will hide the bottom panel.

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