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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Software Integration...

In order to do the firmware updates for modules connected via USB cables, I need to know the COM Port  assigned to it.  For the most part, it doesn't change unless you move the cable, although it can, and eventually will change... Keeping this in a configuration table means having to go update it whenever the com port does change.

So I had an idea....  since I'm using the Serial Terminal to monitor the modules, I have to select a com port in order to connect with a specific module, so, when they do connect, the module passes it's Id to the terminal, and the terminal then updates the database with the current, and correct COM Port for that specific module.  If for some reason the port changes, and the firmware update fails, all you need to do is load the terminal, pick the new COM Port, connect and verify it's the right one, and that's it, the terminal has already updated the configuration for the Firmware Updater. The terminal also checks for the IP Address of the machine its running on, and looks it up in a table to get a computer Id, so it updates the module with a Computer AND Com Port...  The Firmware updater will need that info...

So today, to bring this full circle, I had the idea that since I can grab a list of modules which are plugged into "this" computer (whatever computer I run the terminal on) I populate a combo box with a list of modules by name...  No more having to remember which module is on which com port, just select the module you want to connect to, and it sets the proper com port and baud rate, and connects...

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