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Friday, July 19, 2019

The "Mega Shield!"

Tonight I'm making a new "Mega Shield"  Well, it's sort of like a backpack board for the Wemos Mega 2560 which lets me create exactly the pinouts I need for a specific application.

I start with a blank piece of perfboard, these are 3.5" x 6", a perfect size for the Mega, and add the pins which are lined up to the holes on the Mega. 

On the other side, I can solder pins on anywhere, and in any configuration that suits my needs. I use thin "wire-wrapping" wire to connect pins together, it's small enough it can be threaded through the holes. Eventually once I have the design and layout locked down, I'll probably have some nice custom etched boards made.

As an example, here is the Automatic Watering Module, you can see the board sitting on top of the Mega on the right with all the buttons, led's, pins and connectors...

The board I'm working on tonight will be for the Sensor Modules, I want to make it so all the sensors will plug into a row of pins angled off a small daughterboard which plugs into this board.  This will save me a ton of space, and make the layout much neater, while still allowing me to disconnect all the sensors easily, yet keep them in order.

It's currently 2am, I tend to sleep in short hour or two long naps, maybe 2 or 3 times a day, otherwise I'm here at the computer for the most part.  I especially like the night time.  I've had tremors in my hands my whole life, and as I get older, it's been getting worse.  But, at night, it's like a miracle, they are almost non existent. I do almost all my soldering at night simply because during the day, the iron is all over the place, yet at night, I can solder stuff so small I need my magnifying light to even see it...  well, that's another story, my eyesight... lol... lets just say, thank god for magnifying lamps! and eye glasses!


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