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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Back to coding...

Posted: 11:55pm

Alright, we're back in business, no more reboots on the esp8266, however, the OLED display is not working. I guess that's the first thing on the list for tonight...

I'll post an update when I find something.

Update: 12:20am

  • First thing I did was check the voltage on the OLED connector I mounted on my shield, and there was 5v there as there should be.  
  • Then I pulled the shield off the Mega and measured the continuity from the OLED connector to the SDA and SCL pins which go into the mega when the two mate. That was good.
  • Next, with the shield removed, I used breadboard wires to connect the OLED display tot he Mega directly, and it works.

This tells me the problem is with my shield...  So I pop it back onto the Mega, and I notice a row of pins is not seated in the header on the shield, the header is slightly bent, likely from all the on and off, but no problem, I eseated the shield, and the display works now, so that was a simple fix.

Now we can continue....    Updates to come through the night...

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