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Sunday, August 18, 2019

Effortless Clones - finally!

I honestly think this is the ultimate cloning method. Last year, after years of very successful cloning using peat pellets, a humidity dome, and a spray bottle, disaster struck, and I couldn't get clones to root no matter what I did.

For some reason, I was getting 1 out of 15 or more that would root, that was it. Nothing changed in my methods.  I even tried a DWC clone machine, but after one or two good runs, it was a flop. It was so bad I was having to reveg my plants after harvest, or I would have run out :(

Then I created the "Mister Clone Clone Mister" - I'm kidding about the name. lol...

The Automated Clone Mister project, it's purpose, to ensure the clones are misted regularly to keep them properly moist at all times.  I've now done 3 batches of clones, and hit 90-95% sucess rates, al rooted within 2 weeks. This batch, I have 6 rooted at 10 days out of 20. Very very pleased, PLUS I don't have to do anything, check on them every couple DAYS, not hours...  just make sure  the water jug is full, and at one week, I like to change the water and wash the trays etc.

Here's the setup...

I have a plastic shelf unit, with only 3 shelves, and the space between the 2nd and 3rd shelf is surrounded with Panda Plastic, with the white side inside. There is a LED light inside, the kind you might find in your hallway... works good for the clones and seedlings in a protected area...

On the bottom is a heated seedling mat. I have not hooked this up to a relay yet, but if I needed to turn it on and off I could. As it is, leaving it plugged in all the time was perfect.

Over the heated mat are some 1/4" square dowels, just to lift the seedling tray up off the mat so there is an air gap, to prevent too much heat...

The seedling tray sits on the wooden  pieces, and is filled with water, just enough to float the smaller seedling tray inside. This allows the heat to warm the water, which keeps the upper tray warm, but also provides lots of humidity, which the dome traps inside.  Note the multiple trays... I'm paranoid about leaking water :)

The dome is set on an angle, this allows air flow, plus it aligns the big hole in the end with the spray bottle, so when it sprays, it mists the entire inside of the dome, and all the plants.  With two of the smaller trays floating inside, I was able to fit 20 cuttings inside at once all in peat pellets.

Initially for the first 3 or 4 days, I have it set to spray 5 times every 5 minutes, then every 10 minutes, then every 20 as time passes and the cuttings start making roots.

Once I see roots poking through the peat pellets, I plant them in the red Solo cups, and move them under the 250W MH light. 

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