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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Flower Tent Rewiring Complete!

I finally got around to upgrading the wiring for the sensors in the flowering tent. Now that Module 2 has the new connector board in it, the wiring hangs off the back so much better. There are 16 analog and two digital ports configured, and they are all used. 

Plugged into the module is about a foot of standard three conductor servo wire, with the 10K Ohm voltage divider, then the two conductor speaker wire which goes into the tent and ends with a female JST connector (the red ones)

 This is not Module 2, but is to show the connection to a module..

The veg area is raised by these plastic shelving units, just one level deep. This keeps the plants up where it is easier to work with them. It also provided a nice place to fasten the bundles of wire to keep them off the floor. Before when they were loose, I would occasionally catch one with my clumsy feet, in fact, I once pulled both Sensor Modules AND the laptop right off the shelf and they landed on the floor!   Now I bundled all the wires in 4's. Since each of my grow areas is divided into 4 rows of 4 plants, I've bundled them by row. In the flower tent, I only actually use 3 rows, and occasionally less than 4 per row if they are big.

The wire bundles are then zip-tied to the underside lip on the shelves, I just drilled some holes through it for the zip-ties. There is also an ethernet cable for the laptop and the twisted servo wire for the digital DHT22 sensor.

The bundle enters the tent through a ventilation opening, and is then distributed throughout the tent. The lights are out in there right now so I can't get a picture, but I'll try to remember to get one in the morning and add it here.

All this was motivated by the fact that two ports weren't working, one digital and one analog. I replaced the sensor and it didn't help, so I started with the wiring, and it led to this....

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