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Monday, August 26, 2019

Humidity and the DHT22

It turns out these temperature/humidity sensors don't like to be kept in a high humidity environment for very long.  I had one in my clone chamber, which was consistently about 28C and 90-100% humidity. That sensor now reads 99.9% humidity no matter what the actual humidity.  Apparently this is pretty common.  The good news is, they are only about $4 each, so I'll order some spares this time :) I wanted to create this post so I could share the link to some information on how you might fix it.  For $4 I'll skip the fixing and just replace them as needed...

Item #5 describes how to fix it.

Excerpt from

Item 4 is interesting, considering I keep one in each grow space, generally directly in the light, because that's where I want to measure the temperature...

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