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Sunday, August 25, 2019

I miss having whiteboards...

When I was working, we had an obsession with whiteboards, they were everywhere... almost every available wall space had whiteboards on it.  It made design much easier, write, erase, rewrite, draw lines, boxes, arrows...  Then once you have it all sorted out, you take a picture, and go to work....

The whiteboard was particularly useful to either design or understand software architecture. Since I'm in the middle of reviewing the Sensor Module software, and rewriting it, I sure could benefit from a whiteboard rather than trying to do it on paper.

I could use the whiteboard paint on the walls, but that's not overly appealing...  I need to buy some Panda Plastic anyhow, perhaps I can just hang a sheet, white side out, on the wall when I need it?

Maybe I'll get lucky and find a great deal on a new or used one somewhere... and even luckier to have the funds for it :)

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