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Saturday, August 31, 2019

Making do...

I tried, but just couldn't stretch the money this month to get everything I needed, so ended up having to put a priority to everything and let that dictate what I could buy...

I really miss whiteboards, but they are expensive. Check out my link on my DIY whiteboard. I can make as many as I want for next to nothing.

As for my broken Magnifying Lamp, a new one was going to set me back $100 or more, but a tube of 5-minute epoxy was under $10 :)   The spot where it broke was was, well, let me get a picture, same me typing 1000 words :)

So you can see my fix too...  The lamp broke where the head swivels left and right... there is a metal bolt, but the nut was embedded in the plastic, and it was the plastic that broke, so there was nothing holding it, and it just dangled on the cord.  I clamped it together with two pieces of wood and some zip ties, and just kept pouring 5-minute epoxy into the opening.  I left it clamped until the next morning, and now, it's as strong as new, probably even stronger!

I only ordered two water pumps for the automatic watering, I've got 3 or 4 here still, and my initial installation will be limited to 4 plants rather than the whole flower tent.

I picked up some 17 liter pails at Home Depot, 4 of them, and 4 dish pans at the dollar store.  I drilled drainage holes in the bottom of the pails, and the dish pans fits perfectly at the bottom to catch any drainage 

These new "pots" will be the biggest ones I have, and I'm going to put my mothers in them.  I have 4 strains now, so 4 mothers, 4 pots, and 4 Automatic Watering setups, how convenient :)  I think by installing this first on my mothers shows just how much confidence I have in the system, let's hope it's not misplaced...

$4 for the pail, $2 for the pan, can't get much better than that.  I do want to find something to go under the pail inside the pan though, maybe some gravel, or plastic ring, something to keep it out of the water if there is any overflow...

These pans give me a nice option, add a drain tube. Since my veg plants all sit on a raised platform, I can put a large tote underneath with the drain tubes draining any water in there, and just put a water detection sensor (home made of course) in it to warn me if it gets much water in it. Maybe with winter coming, it will just evaporate, and help raise the humidity? That would be helpful...

I did buy a 25 foot roll of panda plastic, and am going to replace the plastic on the walls and platform. I'm hoping to build a wood frame for the platform, like a waterbed frame, and line it with the plastic, like the safety liner on a waterbed. You remember those don't you?  That would be an emergency water catch once automatic watering goes fully online.

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