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Saturday, August 24, 2019

New plan for Module 2

I have the new Sensor Module "Mega Shield" and a new version of the firmware for the sensor module which I had planned on implementing, but due to the outstanding bugs, I've decided not to go forward with this until I resolve those issues.

So back to Module 2, and it's rats nest of wires...

Plugging stuff in at the back was a nightmare, the pins were so close together. The power wire for Port 1 has an intermittent failure, and its all hot glued to the case, so no way its coming apart with anything intact :(

Since I need to go back to this version, I decided to compromise...  No firmware update, but I've really cleaned up the wiring by adding a separate pcb with the connector on it, and the pins are now double spaced to make it easier to find the right pins, and to connect something,

It's back up and running now after two days without monitoring in the flower tent...  Gosh, I actually had to walk in there, unzip the tent, and check for myself.   Now I can relax again! :)

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