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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Rumors, whispers, and a WTH?

Posted: 1:55am

Some good news, I've managed to convince the accountant wife to release a few more dollars this month for my hobby :)

As it sits, I've got 20 pumps and 4 x 8 relay modules in my shopping baskets along with a few other goodies for some other projects.  If priorities don't change before the end of the month, I will be moving forward with the automatic watering.

I know eh?  I can hear the whispering... "He's said that before!"

I'm going to set it up in the flowering tent first. The tent has the floor liner, which is supposed to be waterproof, and can hold water...  it's a couple inches deep, so in a 4x4 tent, that's a lot of water... In addition to that, each pot that gets auto-watered will be in another container that can hold lots of water...  The tent is a safe place to test this in a live environment.  Another reason is that in the flower tent, it can get hard to reach the pots at the back without having to move plants in front.  I am 100% confident in the system knowing when to water a plant, as I've relied on it to tell me to water them. I've been doing that for months now, so letting it automatically water is not a concern. Finally, the less often I open the tent, the more surprised I am at how big they are getting :)  Still thinking of mounting a camera in there...

So, with luck, in about 4-6 weeks I'll have half the grow room completely automated... Actually, 2/3, other than actually making the cuts, the cloning process pretty well takes care of itself.

Ok, now for the WTH?

Why can the makers of I2C devices use a common pin-out on their modules?

The top is a Realtime Clock, the bottom is the OLED module.   That's fine if all you do is breadboard stuff, but for my "standardised" shields for my modules, I2C devices should be easily swapped in and out on the connectors I provide, but now for the OLED, I have to provice a connector with the SDA and SCL reversed, rendering that connector useless for any other I2C device, and it needs to be clearly marked...

That's it for my rant :)

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