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Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The shopping list!

While I'm planning on spending a little more money this month (very little 😒) I need a lot of things, some are cheap, some are not.

I originally planned on buying all the pumps, hose, relays, etc I needed to get the Automatic Watering system up and running, but I can';t see spending all my money on that, when I need not only the usual replacement of consumables, but things like a new magnifying lens/light, a new cordless drill, a more comfortable chair, a whiteboard, plus my normal supplies for the grow room, a bale of promix, some nutrients, peat pellets...

The batteries for my Ryobi +ONE 18v drill are shot, they hold a charge for about 2 minutes, so you gotta hurry. I'd probably be able to get by with a corded drill, but eventually I'd end up needing cordless, and then I'm spending twice... I have learned that some things, you need to just spend the money and get something that will last.

I bought a cheap magnifying light, a plastic one, last time, and a couple days ago I grabbed it and twisted it into the position I needed it, and the plastic snapped, leaving the lamp dangling... I managed to put a wooden splice on it to hold it in place for now, but it isn't going to last long...

I use this lamp ALL THE TIME... I can't solder or wire up the shields without it, both for the light, and the magnifying effect.  So either I have to replace it with a better quality one, or try to make do...

As a compromise on the Automatic Watering, rather than automate all the plots, I'll just do the flower tent, so only 12 plots, and since the small pumps I'm going to use only draw 300mA,  I'm going to try powering the pump using a transistor to switch it on and off rather than a relay. I have a bunch of S8050's that are rated for 500mA, and some 2N222A's rated for 600mA.  I'll do a separate post on this.

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