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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Windows Re-Install

I've been using Microsoft Windows since at least Windows 3.1, likely earlier, and before that, DOS.

One habit I got into was to re-install windows once a year as it always got slower and slower, and a re-install would bring life back to an old machine.

The laptop I'm using as my main development machine is a nice fast one, and I've had it for quite a few years, so there's lots of junk installed on it, and I've never wiped it and started over, I've always been afraid I'd never get everything configured and working again, such as the ability to program all the little gadgets I've collected and used over the years. Some of them were a pain to get working...

It's been getting slower and slower, and it was really causing me a lot of wasted time...  30 - 40 seconds just to rename a folder...  15 - 20 seconds to enter a folder and display the files...  

I had no choice...  So last night at dinner time I started a backup of my C drive, there were about 200Gb of files on it.  It took until noon today to back it up to an external drive, that's how slow it was... 

I have daily backups of all my source code and database, so I decided to go ahead with a complete wipe of the C drive and reinstall windows.  If you have ever re-installed older versions of windows, but not windows 10, you'll be in for a pleasant surprise...  It's much easier now, and much less work. In the past I had to struggle with getting the network going again, and my display set up, all that stuff was automatic in Windows 10.  All I had to do was re-install my apps, which this time are quite limited. I've only installed the stuff I need for my current projects.

Now I can rename a folder in a second! It's so nice to have my computer back!  And if you're thinking I had a virus, or malware, no, I didn't...  I've worked with computers since the first pc came out, before actually, and I've NEVER had a virus, and I've been online since we used 300 baud modems....

Everything went smoothly, except for one thing...  I lost any changes I made since the last backup at 1:30am last night until this morning...  Since I tend to do most of my work at night, this could have been a problem, except I spent most of last night working on the transistor switches for the water pumps. I did make a few changes, just adding some prints to help me debug an issue, so those are easily added back in, since I can just copy and paste it from the serial monitor of the code that's running on the sensor module.

Overall a great experience compared to the past...    Now that I have a fast computer again, I should be able to work faster! :)

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