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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

A Forum? Really? Why?

I've always liked the way a forum, or message board works as compared to a blog like this one.

The problem with a blog is when I go back and add to a post, it stays buried under all the newer posts, so you don't even realize something new has been added.  On a message board, a thread would be the equivalent of a post here, so for example, this post, the one you are reading now, would be it's own thread on the message board. The most recent post at the top, but if I were to go and add to an older post, then it would appear at the top of the list again because of the new content. I'm not sure why blogs don't allow for this behavior. 

The other reason, although it doesn't appear we need it yet, is on a message board, others can join in the conversation, or even create their own threads.  I've created an area that will be for me to post my blog posts, and only I can create new threads there, but if you register on the forum, you can reply to those posts. although I warn you now, any off topic posts will be removed. That board is for my blog posts, and any relevant discussions, that's it.  

There will be other boards which will offer more flexibility to members to post to, but you will still be required to stay on topic.  

What the forum is: A place to share idea and discuss ways we can use technology to monitor, and even control the grow room environment.

What the forum is NOT: It's not about growing cannabis.  I repeat, it is NOT about growing cannabis, although that's the reason I've created this system, it can be used for any indoor garden, large or small, and eventually, I plan on expanding to include outdoor growing.  There are lots of other sites out there to discuss how to grow.  I won't be hiding the fact that I grow Cannabis in my garden, and neither should you, but be aware the discussion will always focus on the technology, and the methodology.

This blog post will be the first one copied to the forum, and moving forward, all posts will appear on both sites until such time as I stop posting here on the blog site, and focus entirely on the forum.

So, I guess you need the link:

Hope to see you there, and please register, you do not have to share any personal information, or even use your real name if you prefer to stay under the radar :)  You will need to be a member in order to post messages, and to be able to come back and see just new posts. 

I'm still getting used to the software, so if you have any suggestions or questions, just ask.

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