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Sunday, September 15, 2019

ESP-01 Programming Board

I made up a couple of these back when I first got the ESP-01's, but I guess I never documented it, or bookmarked any pages, or anything.  I ended up reverse engineering mine, but had trouble with the color codes on the resistors, so to verify, I scoured google, and eventually found this set of instructions which included the following schematic:

So, combining his schematic, with my existing programmers, I drew the following wiring diagram based on the component placement and board size I wanted. On the right, you can see I'm about half way through assembling it. 

Once I verify it works, I want to build a board with 6 sockets for the ESP's one power supply for all, so it will be like a mini server farm :)  Somehow I'll select which one is connected to the tx/rx of the Serial/USB adapter for programming... but first, will this one work?

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