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Saturday, September 7, 2019

I'm still working on the Switch Module

Posted: 3:20pm

I know I've been sidetracked more than I've been working on this, but I am making progress. I do need to get the rewrite done, and testing complete before I can take more cuttings, since I'm spoiled now, and won't want to have to mist them manually :)

My reason for starting the rewrite when I did was because I bought the contactor, the high current relay that will allow me to switch the 600W HPS on and off in the flower tent. The code for the lights was working perfectly well, it switched a small relay that wasn't up to the task, and it failed, the arc flash when disengaging ended up welding the contacts together. So nothing needs to change in code, I'll simply use the small relay to toggle the 110v a/c coil voltage for the big relay, plug and play as they say...

While misting the clones was very successful, I am seeing such a huge improvement in reliability with the Sensor Modules after rewriting them, that I want to use the same architecture on all my Wemos Mega's.

Anyhow, to wrap my head around the flow, I drew up this little chart...  I don't usually actually draw them out, but I just bought a whole bunch of paper from staples during their back to school sale :)

It makes sense to me :)   Actually, there were a few minor changes to it, but you get the idea.

So, back to it, at least until I get sidetracked again...

Oooh, donuts!    <=== in my best Homer Simpson voice...

Update: 6:45pm

One change I've made that I will do in all the other modules, I moved the OTA Web Server startup to the earliest possible time. I was running into issues while actually working on it that the code would run into an issue before this and never reach the point of loading the web server, and then there was no way to do an update without pulling the shield off, flipping the tiny dip switches, uploading firmware, then flip the switches back, then pop the shield back on.

Update Sept 8, 2019  12:30am

I've managed to stay somewhat focused on the Switch Module, which is good, because this is a bit more difficult than I originally thought. I have the code finished that manages the scan event, and individual switch timings, the module performs a scan however often you configure it to do so, and during that scan, it loads each switch configuration, and looks at how often that switch needs attention. So you might tell the module to scan every minute, but the switch, say for the Clone Misting only needs to be activated every 10 minutes. The idea will be to time the module scans based on how long all the switch scans take, with a little break in between.

I did look at the updated graphs for the dual level soil moisture sensors, and they certainly are puzzling...

The readings on #64's bottom sensor is the reverse of all the others. Since #64 and #65 are the same design, built at the same time, with identical materials, and the same code on both, this is very confusing.  I'm not using these results for determining watering requirements, I still have the single sensors being used for the two plants.

Alrighty, back to work...

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