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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Oops! Now what?

Posted: 12:40am

Well, I did it, I knew I would eventually...

The old Switch Module that has no usb plug on it due to my clumsy feet catching the usb cable and yanking it off the desk, ripping the usb connector half off the board, is now my development board until a new one arrives. Of course, that left only OTA as a method to load new sketches.

I just uploaded a sketch to the 8266 that throws an exception immediately and reboots the 8266 without loading the OTA server,  No more OTA updates, no updates over USB...

The Wemos does expose a bunch of pins from the ESP8266 which I think I can use to upload a sketch.

The pins are labeled, so that's not a problem...

Here is the ESP-01 version of the 8266, it contains fewer pins, and requires setting it into programming mode by shorting certain pins, and adding resistors.  The second picture shows the custom programming boards I made for the WebServ er (single board) and maintenance server (dual board)

I'll be doing up some more of the programming boards since I just got 4 more ESP-01's as spares, and I'll do a DIY build post on it with schematics and steps. It''s a simple task.

So I wonder will I need to make up a programming board to plug into these pins, or is it already done for me, I haven't been able to find any info on doing it this way, so we'll see how it goes.

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