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Sunday, September 15, 2019


I'm sitting here at 6am, surrounded by the disassembled components of half the system.  I started off by wanting to build an esp-01 programming board, so I look back through my notes, photos, bookmarks, and no reference on how to build one.  I must be going color blind, because I can't make heads nor tails of the color bands on the resistors.  They are pullups to 23.3v and I believe they would be 10K Ohms, but, the color bands definitely is not 10K, and they measure about 8.8K on my meter.

I only found one schematic online that actually used resistors and they are 10K so that's close enough...  At this point, I started looking at the custom shields I had on the Switch Module, the Auto Watering Module, and the sensor module, and that's what led to all these parts scattered about.

I'm used to having one torn apart and not functioning, but three?  I really didn't accomplish much last night, but I guess I'm gonna have some good days, and some bad, er, not so good days.... It wasn't a bad day, nothing is broken, just disassembled.

Actually, the night started with me wanting to work on the Switch Module v2 code, since it doesn't do lights yet, and now that I bought that contactor, I'm ready to bring the rest of the working code over from version 1 and let it control the light in the flower tent.

The weather is turning, it's not so hot any more, so soon the A/C will come out, and a box fan goes into the window, along with my fancy light baffle, made from black dollar store foam board. That fan needs to be controlled by the Switch Module. Last but not least, I'll need it running the Clone Mister soon.

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