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Sunday, September 1, 2019

We're on our own...

When I started this project, I created a thread on the 420 Magazine forum, and it grew, and grew. It has had over 12,000 views and nearly 1000 posts.  I decided to create this blog because anything I post on their site is under their control, and I was worried I would lose all that information.

In order to keep those who had been following my posts up to date, I was cutting and pasting tidbits from my blog posts with links back to the full post, and in my signature line on the forum, there was a link to the blog.

Just minutes ago I received a private message from one of the admins telling me they had removed my signature, and that I was not to post links to the blog, somehow I was competing with their paid sponsors, or trying to recruit their members?

Well, no more posts for that site, and I apologize to anyone who was following me there, but it is their site, and their rules...

Now, this is my site, and my rules, so let's get going!   

I'm going to open comment posting to guests, so you can post without having to expose your identity publicly here, hopefully you will do so and let me know you are here.

Thanks for your support!

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