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Clone Chamber

This provides a roomy place to root your clones in an easy to control environment, providing easy access, yet keeping them out of sight and out of the way.

This is an easy one and you may already have everything you need.

  • Large plastic/resin shelving unit
  • Black and White Panda Plastic
  • Duct Tape
  • Shower Curtain Hooks

Start with the shelf unit, I put my chamber between the 3rd and 4th shelf, so start with three shelves assembled, and cover the top with plastic, white side up. Tape all around the edges with the duct tape to prevent the plastic from lifting, or water from leaking. (Always worried about leaks, this is a safety measure)

Go ahead and add the 4th shelf, this is the last one for me, I am not using the 5th shelf here.

Wrap the plastic around the back and sides, making sure to seal the edges all around with the duct tape. I used three pieces of plastic rather than do it all in one piece, but you can do either. This step will be a lot easier if you can get behind the unit.

This is the light I use in my clone chamber, it's an LED light like you'd find in any residential hallway or bedroom, and it works great. I don't use the glass diffuser. I screwed it to a piece of wood with hooks on the back, on all 4 corners.

Hanging from the top shelf are 4 shower curtain hooks

The light just hangs from these hooks

This should work for almost any light you choose to use.

Run the wire down the back pole, and through a cutout in the side curtain.

Put a flap on the front taped all along the top, and just let it hang down.  If you are concerned about light, you could seal it with velcro or something. I'm not concerned with light leaking out, it's in my Veg area.

All you need now is the Automatic Clone Mister :)

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