August 2019 Update

While this site is still somewhat new, and still under construction, this project has been underway since roughly August 2018. Please excuse any unfinished pages, I'm still catching up!

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New to the site?

Project information can be found on the "Grow By Wire Site Links" panel. The right side of the screen consists of my blog posts, a window into my thought process as I work on the project.

Site Objectives

The main objective for this site is to document the ongoing project, Grow By Wire. I will use it as a place to log my thought processes, decisions, trials, and errors... This not only gives me the ability to go back and see why I did something, but also, by writing out the issue, and making it understandable for someone else, often can lead to insights that may solve the problem at hand, or lead to better ways of doing something. You will be able to follow along on the journey by following the blog portion of this site.

There are also a number of other objectives, including the dissemination of any knowledge I may acquire, so that others can benefit from it. Most importantly, I will be providing detailed, and well documented DIY instructions for making your own sensors, wiring harnesses, custom devices, etc. This entire project is about many individual DIY projects. Detailed information on each of these individual DIY projects will generally be compiled from the blog posts once that individual project is complete, and successful.

And finally, eventually I expect to share all my code, I will provide more information on that once I make that decision.

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