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What is Grow By Wire?

Grow By Wire (G.B.W.) is a project I have embarked upon in order to help me get the absolute best results from my indoor garden with the least amount of direct physical input.

The name of the project comes from the term "Fly By Wire"
Fly-by-wire (FBW) is a system that replaces the conventional manual flight controls of an aircraft with an electronic interface.

We will be using Arduino microprocessors along with various passive and active sensors to monitor data related to growing. Rather than visually inspecting the grow room to determine what needs to be done, the system, through the sensors, will be able to do that for me.

The idea is that by using small microprocessors (Arduino compatibles) I am able to monitor various parameters such as Temperature, Humidity, and Soil Moisture.

I'll also have the ability to control fans, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, water pumps, lights, etc. The possibilities are endless!

Along the way I am going to share my ideas, source of components, and once I'm happy with it, even the code (c++ for the Arduino) along with my database design (MySQL)

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